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How can I donate to the various endowment schemes

                If you would like to donate towards any of the  schemes in particular, or towards Temple  activities in general, you can send your donation through International Money Order/Demand Draft favoring the Executive Officer, Sri Venkateswara Swami Vari Devasthanam, Dwarka Tirumala , and payable at Dwaraka Tirumala . The International Money Order/Demand Draft can be sent to:


1) Stay in Devasthanam countries only for comfort, security and peace. They are nearer to Bus Stand.


2)  Accommodation furnished A/c and Non A/c cottages/ rooms on payment.


3)  Free Bus facilities twice a day to near Sub-temples and near Adopted temples.


4)  Canteens for food.


5)  Enquiry Devasthanam offices for guiding you.


6)  Book-stall for Guide Books, Pictures, Religious Books and Swamy vari Dollars at cost of price.


7)  Don’t purchase un-current copper or silver articles.


8)  Deposit all your offering in the “HUNDIES” kept in the temples or given them in temple office and obtain printed receipts. Otherwise you will not fulfill your vows.


9)  At Dwaraka Tirumala, there are Devasthanam guides, Kalyana Katta and Purohit Sanghams authorized by Devasthanam, utilize their services.


10) Beware of Dalalies, Crooks, who mislead you in the performance of your vows and disposal of your offerings.


11) Take bath wear clean clothes and have darshan of GOD.


12) Please do not offer money or presents to any one to assist you in getting these facilities. The Devasthanam servants are always at your service.


13) DWARAKA TIRUMALA is a sacred place. Avoid taking meat, intoxicating drinks or wearing of shoes while at Dwaraka Tirumala.


14) Seek assistance of the enquiry offices and temple officials for helping you in the proper conduct of your pilgrimage and vows.


15) Make sure of yourself to switch off all electrical appliances while you left the cottages.


16) Please donate liberally for various development works undertaken by the temple authorities. Every rupee you contribute will be utilized for the development of the temple and for providing more amenities to the visiting pilgrims. Also donate for the noble cause of ANNADANAM to be performed daily for the needy pilgrims.


17) Please forward any suggestions to the  

The Executive Officer,
Sri Venkateswara Swami Vari Devasthanam,
Dwaraka Tirumala West Godavari Dist , A.P -534426