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Water facility:

A Water plant has been installed by Vegesna Foundation (India) with a purifying capacity of 5,000 Ltrs per hour. Purified Cold Drinking water is provided to the Piligrim Public.

The Devasthanam is also providing water facility to the piligrim public, choultries, cottages through Six bore wells. Besides 7.5 Lakhs liters capacity of two GSLR Tanks and  2.5 Lakhs capacity of one O.H.S.R.


Two dormitories were started for the convenience of pilgrims with nominal charges of Rs. 10/- each, one at Up-hill and Second at Downhill which is nearer to bus stand. Locker facility and toilets are also provided.Bathing places have been arranged at Kesakhandanasala. Dress changing rooms for women have been provided near bathing area(Kalyana Katta).

Cloak room facility has been provided to the Piligrim public for preservation of their bag and baggage.


The Devasthanam is having various types of Choultries and Guest Houses for providing accommodation to the visiting pilgrims. All the rooms are equipped with solar water heater system and 24 hours uninterrupted power supply. Spacious waterproof Pendals has been erected on the Eastern side Rajagopuram for Pilgrims waiting.

First Aid Center:-

One first aid center is being run by this devastanam under the supervision of one Doctor and two A.N.Ms.

May I Help You : -

'May I Help You” counter to assist/guide the piligrim public.

Seghra darshan is arranged for the physically disabled, Senior Citizens and pedestrians through a separate way near Dwajasthambham.

Free bus and Prachararatham:-

This Devastnam is maintaining one Prachara Ratham and two free buses are cater the needs of pilgrim public. Free Bus facilities twice a day to near Sub-temples, Gosala and near Adopted temples.


The Devasthanam has installed ‘PALABHA YANTRAM (SUNDIAL)’ which enables the viewers to know the time through Sun-rays.

Educational Activities:-

The Devasthanam is maintaining the following Educational Institutions:-

1)  S.V. Junior College, Kamavarapukota.
2)  S.V. Degree & Junior College,  Bhimadolu.
3)  Sri Venkateswara Vykhanasa Agama patasala, Dwaraka Tirumala.
4)  Sri Venkateswara Oriental High School, DwarakaTirumala.

In respect of Sri Venkateswara Oriental High School, Mid-day meals is being provided to all the students by the Devasthanam. With regard to S.V.Vykhanasa Agamapatasala free education accommodation and food is being provided by the Devasthanam and imparting Vykhanasa Agama Course.